CoreShop - Localization

To serve more customers, your Shop needs to be translated into different languages and localized for other countries (eg. other taxes or currencies)


CoreShop comes pre-installed with a big set of currencies. Within Currencies you can change the Name, ISO Code, Numeric Iso Code, Symbol and exchange rate to other Currencies.

Your Countries Currency (which needs to be set) can be configured in CoreShop Settings.


A Country defines which Currency its uses, within which Zone it is and if its allowed to be ordered from.


Zones are currently only used for shipping. You can group countries into zones and define Price Ranges for shipping costs.


States are needed for taxation reasons, here you can change country-states.

Taxes and Tax Rules

Tax is big thing. To allow CoreShop to be fully configurable, you need to add Taxes (like 20% for AT) and Tax Rules. Tax Rules are where the magic happens. You need to configure for each Country/State a specific tax which will be applied to the product and shipping costs.

If the default Tax-Manager does not fit your need, you still can override it. (See: https://github.com/coreshop/DemoTaxManager)